We are changing the centre management model, because we want to be closer to the tenants

Agora Bytom is a large shopping and entertainment centre in Bytom. Its unique character is emphasised, in addition to its attractive location, by the fact that it is a pioneer investment in Bytom, which offers a wide range of products to the city residents and sales and service enterprises from the retai sales sector.

„Since the very beginning, it was the highest priority for our business to stand out with the highest quality of offer and services designed for enterprises from the retail sales sector - mentions the director of the shopping centre - it is known that the optimal tenant mix builds up the property value and is a key element that has a decisive influence on customer visiting rate in the shopping centre."

The centre, opened in 2010, consists of over 120 shops and restaurants as well as a fitness club and a multiplex, all in the lease area of 30 thousand square metres. Agora Bytom Centre, since its start, was a property managed by an international property management company that is an expert in commercialisation and management of commercial properties. The development of the center, because of its characteristics and surroundings, was very dynamic. The increase in the value of the property by, on the one hand, constant attention to the level of satisfaction of its tenants, and on the other, the good offer quality for the residents of Bytom and its vicinity, were the main goals set for the management board. In this aspect, effective management of costs connected with facility operation is essential, including, for example labour consumption in the administration sector, choice of service providers for the centre as well as factors directly influencing the quality and security of cash flow generated by the facility.

Centre management - change of approach

In 2014, the owner of Agora Bytom decided to change the centre management structure. The effect of this decision was transition from the formula of services of an external property administrator to internal management based on own resources.

„The decision on transition to the internal management model was a move towards cost optimisation of functioning of our facility and a derivative of our strategy regarding intensification of cooperation with tenants of the commercial area” - explains director of Agora.

The centre management team knew that implementation of such a decision is never easy and requires proper preparation. One of the key elements is selection of proper tools allowing to fulfil the property administrator function in an effective manner, including selection of the proper IT system which allows for automation of operation of a number of processes within the scope of property management. In the course of analysis of the offers of providers of systems that support commercial property management, the centre management team chose the NOVO Property Management system (NOVO PM) developed and distrubuted by NOVO Technologies S.A. The decision on selection of the NOVO PM system resulted also from the quick implementation proposed by NOVO Technologies S.A. based on a flexible schedule of system implementation as well as broad scope and form of support for the implementation team of Agora, both during implementation and upon its completion. „Our choice resulted from the fact that the NOVO PM system is a comprehensive tool that fully reflects and automates key processes connected with property management that is also ergonomic and operation and daily work friendly. Furthermore, the system received very positive references from implementations for other property management companies which was also important for us in the decision making process” - as director justifies the selection of the NOVO PM system.

Knowledge base on the centre available “with a single click”

Implementation of the NOVO PM system was commenced in the spring 2014 and the system was properly parametrised after only 3 weeks, allowing for the first trial invoicing based on the prepared input data for system. Within the several following weeks the implementation team of Agora and NOVO focused on preparation of data and parametrisation necessary for launch of all other system functionalities. The final element of the implementation project was integration with the accounting system Symfonia Forte, allowing for very effective recording and booking of sale and purchase invoices as well as bank statements since it is made only once, in a single system. The implementation was completed in the summer of 2014 and since then the management team of Agora has been using full functionality of the NOVO PM system in their everyday work.

„The benefits from implementation of the system can be measured pretty easily, the time of process operation is reduced even several times, we eliminate operating risks that are frequent in case of lack of integrated IT tools. Due to implementation of the NOVO PM system, our management team has continuous access to the latest data regarding centre operation, including condition of the tenants which allows us for rapid analyses regarding property functioning and quick implementation of activities having direct impact on the value of our center. I cannot hide that due to the NOVO PM system our centre administrating costs have been reduced significantly” - as director summarised the system implementation effects.

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