Garvest Sp. z o.o. is associated with Garvest Real Estate, a boutique capital fund that creates innovative projects in the premium real estate segment. We have only completed exceptional projects: the Bałtyk office building (together with the VOX Group) and the Pixele team in Poznań and the Vienna House Hotel in Warsaw's Mokotów district, and soon we will spectacularly change the street quarter at Wilson Park.

We take care of every detail in the investment and management process. That is why we focus only on reliable and professional business partners. We started co-operation with NOVO Technologies S.A. in 2017. With the involvement of both parties, the NOVO Property Management system was quickly implemented to manage our portfolio o properties.

After several years of cooperation, we can confirm that it is a flexible program that allows to use individual parameters necessary to service our properties. An important element is the constant development of the system, adding additional functionalities that are tailored to our needs. We value the NOVO team's openness to customer expectations and commitment to the ongoing operation of the system. We greatly appreciate the speed of response to the presented problem, professionalism and commitment in solving all issues, as well as patience and effectiveness in conducting trainings. All this means that we can, with a clear conscience, recommend NOVO Property as a system that effectively optimizes the process of commercial property management.  

Magdalena Ptak
Member of the Board

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