To whom it might concern. Caelum Real Estate Asset Management (CREAM) part of the Caelum Development Group of companies selected the NOVO Property Management system of NOVO Technologies company in late 2012 to provide a comprehensive property management system that can manage our leases, provide integrated budgetary control and comprehensive reporting as well as integrating with the very specific needs of our accounting program Symphonia and polish regulatory requirements.

Following the first phase 3-month implementation we started using the system for lease management and tenant invoicing in over 20 buildings going live in February 2013. The system is easy to use with training done in relatively small time and the learning curve in use proving very fast. lt's availability through the internet is a great advantage for us given our large geographic spread. We now have all our data in one data base and this is contributing greatly to an improved flow of information within the organisation. The systems precision and reliability is assisting us to improve our own reporting precision and develop new insights into our portfolio.

We commend NOVO Technologies on their attentiveness to our concerns and fast reactions to our needs.

Integration with our accounting package Symphonia has been successful completed and we are commencing to utilize the system for our debt collection process, budget management and routine reporting.

We are glad to recommend the NOVO Property Management system.

Caelum Real Estate Asset Management

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