Clients about NOVO PM

Who can benefit from NOVO PM?

The NOVO PM system is designed for Asset, Property and Facility portfolio managers of:
Shopping centers
Office buildings
Commercial spaces
Air terminals
Railway stations
Metro stations
Bus stations

Benefits – examples

Automatic billing and rent invoicing (per building)

up to 3 min
Automatic billing and rent invoicing (per whole portfolio)
up to 30 min
Automatic generation of turnover rent invoices
up to 30 min/property
Utilities settlement and re-invoicing
up to 30 min/property
Settlement of operating costs
up to 30 min/property
Delivery of electronic invoices


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Choose the module of your interest

The NOVO Asset Management reporting module, based on our partner's state-of-the-art data warehouse, allows asset managers to create, in an intuitive way, virtually any managerial reports
The functionalities of the NOVO Property Management module automate key processes related to effective management of the property management area
The NOVO Property Leasing module supports commercialization departments in the quick and optimal lease of commercial space
The NOVO Facility Management module enables effective management of technical infrastructure of commercial facilities

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