We recommend services of NOVO Technologies S.A., manufacturer of the NOVO Property Management system.

We have been using services of NOVO Technologies since the 4th quarter of 2012 when we selected this company as the supplier of the shopping centre management system.

In the course of implementation, the NOVO Technologies team worked under great time pressure since the commercial launch of the system was planned for the beginning of January and the implementation works were commenced at the beginning of December. The implementation team managed to solve this problem successfully - despite the very short time given to the implementation team for configuration and preparation of data, the system was ready for automatic invoice issue at the beginning of January.

The implementation team managed also to successfully integrate the NOVO Property Management system in a very short time with the accounting system used by one of our Customers.

The NOVO Property Management system is comprehensive, i.e. it reflects all key processes connected with effective management of shopping centres and is concurrently very ergonomic in everyday work.

I recommend services of NOVO Technologies as a reliable provider of comprehensive IT solutions for the shopping centre industry.

Director for Real Property Management
METRO Properties Sp. z o.o.

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