In order to increase the efficiency of cost area management, Cromwell Property Group decided to implement a new functionality of the NOVO PM module - electronic circulation and approval of cost documents including the OCR function as well as integration with the accounting system.


From today our client is P.A. NOVA Management Sp. z o.o., dedicated to managing 13 commercial objects (9 commercial and 4 industrial) of PANOVA S.A. company, present on commercial real estate market since 1987.


As part of the POIR project "Promotion of NOVO Technologies products - NOVO Property Management system in the Persian Gulf region", NOVO Technologies participated in the Cityscape Global fair in Dubai.


HOSSABIZ is one of the largest property developers in Pomerania. Its portfolio includes many awarded facilities. The most famous is probably GARNIZON (and also the Radisson hotel, Stary Maneż and many others). HOSSABIZ is a company that focuses on diversified development - the offer includes many prestigious residential locations combined with many mix use premises as well as office buildings such as HIRO, YOKO, GATO, OMEGA, HOSSA and cultural facilities.


After successful system implementation, PTAK Fashion City decided to extend the project and start the second stage of NOVO Property Management implementation.

On 06.09. we started the implementation process of the system, which will cover around 1200 tenants in 11 halls! It is a huge challenge for us, but also a great satisfaction.
Thank you for your trust and we promise not to disappoint you!


In June this year we signed a contract with HINES Polska - a company specialising in investment management, organisation of development process and real estate management.

Soon the management of over 30 facilities (400 tenants) will be supported by NOVO PM! We are even more proud that it is a part of an international corporation, which currently has 201 branches in 24 countries all over the world and is one of the largest and most respected organisations in the industry.